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Wooden Fabric

Does it seem to you that the wooden blinds currently have almost everyone? You want something more original and want to stay true to natural materials? Have you ever wondered about wooden fabrics? They are made of bamboo, cotton, jute or other materials and have a really wide use. You can use them in any interior in the form of vertical blinds, blinds or sliding walls. The initiative and ideas are not the limits.
Stop Sunlight
Did you place the living room or the living kitchen South with the view of your garden, and especially in summer you are poisoning the excess of sun rays? Stop them. You have several variants and their range is not diminished even in the case of natural material requirement. You can choose wooden blinds, wooden shutters, shielding from wooden fabrics or blinds (whether outdoor or indoor). And do not forget that for most types of shielding you can choose color or other parameters (e.g. size of lamelers for blinds).