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Veľký Turista

Môj Dude loves Slovak mountains. Pôvodne used to be on Juhu Slovakia, but his parents and after a time presťahovali to low Tatier. His father's dad got a job and a flat for the family. Behold, he has always loved it here. Veľa took a boy and walked together for trips. They toulali SA after Lesoch and Kopcoch and experienced many adventurous. Raz stretol with otcom AJ Medveďa. He called, that they pozerali on Seba and the Macko then Zamieril run into the forest Porastu. Then they breathed in.
Aj Pohodlie Môthat albeit functional
Preto likes the head comfortable clothing, in Ktorom môthat Kedykoľvek take off von. He's calling himself that he could dollar already bonuses at the railroad, Pretothat he still travels Niekam. Often Preto goes shopping in Šport Obchodov, for example, craft. That's the big, big-skined shirt or Trebart hoodies.