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Surely you do not want to assemble anything?

Isn't assembling the furniture your strength? Do you have too many other worries and you can't go with your wife to the department store to select and then assemble a wall into your living room, even if you've already promised it three times? Here is plan B: After all, come out together and be helpful in your selection. No impatient blow-off and unudged lying in the chairs! When it's selected, reward the woman and herself with a small dinner at the restaurant or a cake in the coffee shop. Both of you will enjoy the pleasure of a pleasantly spent day.
What then?
Leave everything else to the experts. It will be fast and inexpensive. If you choose our company for this task, you can just look out the window as we bring the wall, and prepare the living room to be where to assemble it. Or would you like to order disassembly and removal of your original equipment with us?